FUNNYBOOKS will have a slightly shortened WEEKDAY shopping schedule this week as we prepare for the upcoming Holiday Shopping Season (see below). We apologize for any inconvenience this causes.

WEDNESDAY / NEW COMIC DAY (November 19th): 10am-10pm

Our WEEKEND HOURS will remain unchanged…

SATURDAYS: 10am-7pm
SUNDAYS: 12noon-5pm

FUNNYBOOKS remains closed on Mondays (For now… Stay tuned!)

Make this week’s 12-Hour New Comic Day a MUST!


This Wednesday (November 19th) may just be the most important NEW COMIC DAY yet to make sure you squeeze in a trip to FUNNYBOOKS to snag your Favorite Comics & Stuff…not just because of the Great New Comics & Stuff hitting the shelves (still the most important reason), but because FUNNYBOOKS will be experiencing some wonky evening hours this week, including THREE slightly shortened shopping days, as we get prepared for the upcoming Holiday Shopping Season at FUNNYBOOKS.

THIS WEEK ONLY. FUNNYBOOKS will close early (at 4pm) on Tuesday, Thursday AND Friday making a stop at FUNNYBOOKS for Wednesday’s 12-HOUR NEW COMIC DAY (10am-10pm) more important than ever (especially for you “after work” Guys and Gals). Plus! Things are really picking-up around here, and with all that’s going on on the New Comic shelves, it’s best to get here for “firsts” anyway. FUNNYBOOKS’ WEEKEND shopping schedule will not change and we will still offer plenty of weekend hours for you to pop by and grab what you’re looking for (Saturday 10am-7pm, AND Sunday 12noon-5pm).

Your friendly Neighborhood FUNNYBOOKS is once again an official participant in SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY (The Day After Black Friday — Saturday, November 29th this year). Expect a HUGE 12-HOUR STOREWIDE SALE with great discount options on just about everything, as the FUNNYBOOKS’ Holiday Shopping Season is kicked-off for REALZ!!! You won’t need an American Express Card to shop for your bargain deals, but if you have one (and you register it), the first $10 you charge to your card that day at FUNNYBOOKS will be credited back to your statement by American Express #thanksAMEX! That’s a FREE Ten Dollars worth of Comics & Stuff!
REGISTRATION OPENS TODAY (Sunday, November 16th)! To register your American Express Card (which is very simple), click on the SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY Banner at, and you will be taken to the official site (or just google it, I guess). We hope to see you at FUNNYBOOKS, Saturday, November 29th (9am-9pm) “The Day After Black Friday.”

Sunday (Today): 12noon-5pm
Monday: closed
Tuesday: 11-4
Wednesday: 10am-10pm (NEW COMICS!!!)
Thursday: 11-4
Friday: 11-4
Saturday: 10-7
Sunday: 12noon-5pm

That is all! Hope 2 C U @ FUNNYBOOKS! – Funny Steve

NEW THIS WEEK! November 19th, 2014

Amazing Spider-Man #10 SV
Avengers #38 Tro
Avengers and X-Men Axis #6 (of 9)
Avengers World #15 Axis
Axis Carnage#2 (of 3)
Axis Revolutions #2 (of 4)
Black Widow #12
Carnage Molded Head Mug
Daredevil #10
Deadpool #37 Axis
Death of Wolverine #3 (of 4) 2nd Ptg
Death of Wolverine Weapon X Program #2 (of 5)
Elektra #8
Fantastic Four #13
Guardians of the Galaxy By Abnett and Lanning Complete Collection Vol. 2 GN
Guardians of Galaxy #21
Inhuman #8
Iron Fist Living Weapon Vol. 1 GN
Loki Agent of Asgard #8 Axis
Magneto #12 Axis
Marvel Comics Avengers Now Thor ARTFX+ Statue
Moon Knight #9
New Avengers #26
Power Bureau #12
Punisher #12
Runaways Complete Collection Vol. 2 GN
Silver Surfer Epic Collection When Calls Galact GN
Spider-Woman #1
Storm #5
Uncanny X-Men #28
Wolverine Three Months to Die Vol. 2 GN
X-Force #12

Astro City #17
Batman 66 Meets Green Hornet #6 (of 6)
Batman 66 the Lost Episode #1
Batman and Robin #36 Lego
Batman Animated NBA Batman AF
Batman Detective Comics Vol. 4 GN
Batman Eternal #33
Batman Superman #16 Lego
Batwoman #36
Earth 2 Worlds End #7
Fables #146
Fairest In All the Land GN
Green Lantern New Guardians #36 Godhead
Harley Quinn #12 Lego
Infinite Crisis Fight for the Multiverse #5
Injustice Gods Among Us Year Three #4
Justice League #36 Lego
Multiversity Pax Americana #1
New 52 Futures End #29
Red Hood and the Outlaws #36
Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #4
Supergirl #36 Lego
Superman Wonder Woman #13 Lego
Teen Titans #4 Lego
Teen Titans Earth One Vol. 1 HC
Toon Tumblers Bombshells Batgirl Pint Glass
Toon Tumblers Poison Ivy Pint Glass
Toon Tumblers Supergirl Pint Glass
Trinity of Sin #2
Wonder Woman #36 Blank
Wonder Woman #36 Lego

13 Coins #2 (of 6)
Annihilator #3 (of 6)
Army of Darkness Hitched #4 (of 4)
Bounce TP
BPRD Hell on Earth #125
BTVS Season 10 #9
Crossed Badlands #66
Dark Horse Presents 2014 #4
Dawn Vampirella #2 (of 6)
Deadly Class #9
Doctor Who 12th #2 10 Copy Incentive
Doctor Who 12th #2
Dream Merchant #6 (of 60
Epochalypse #1
Evil Ernie #2
George RR Martin in the House of the Worm #4
GFT 2014 Holiday Special
God is Dead #24
Godzilla Cataclysm #4 (of 5)
Goners #2
Hellraiser Bestiary #4
Image Firsts Velvet #1
Intersect #1
Invincible #115
Jim Hensons Storyteller Witches #3
Kokoro Connect Vol. 2 GN
Last Broadcast #7
Lumberjanes #8 (of 8)
Magnus Robot Fighter #8
Maxx Maxximized #13
Morning Glories #42
Noragami Stray God Vol. 2 GN
Predator Fire and Stone #2 (of 4)
Princess Ugg #5
Protectors Inc #10 Incentive
Punk Mambo #0
Revival #25
Rot & Ruin #3
Sinergy #1
Sleepy Hollow #2 (of 4)
Solar Man of Atom #7
Sons of Anarchy #15
Strain Night Eternal #4
Terminal Hero #4
Terminator Salvation Final Battle #11 (of 12)
The Last Fall #3 (of 5)
Thief of Thieves #25
Vampirella Feary Tales #2 (of 5)
Winterowrlsd #4
Witchblade #179
X-O Manowar #30
Zero #12

Adventure Time Fionna & Cake GN
Avatar Last Airbender Lost Adventures Vol. 1 gn
Bobs Burgers #4
Bravest Warriors Paralyzed Horse Giant #1
Cartoon Network Super Secret Crisis War #6 (of 60
Disney Frozen Cinestory Vol. 1 GN
Futurama Comics #73
Mega Man #43
My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic #25
Peanuts 2 #23
Regular Show #17
Simpsons Winter Wingding #9


Thank you to everyone who stopped by FUNNYBOOKS this weekend for our 30-Hour DESTROY ALL SALES event. The huge sale offered SEVEN different ways to get explosive discounts on just about everything in the store, and Fans of FUNNYBOOKS responded by snagging all sorts of goodies at DESTROY ALL SALES prices! We’re not sure which sale came out on top, but it seemed Friday was all about LADDERS, Saturday was more of a FUNNYFEVER and NEW YEARS STEVE Day, and Sunday was a Big EPICFAIL and LOVEBUCKS Day. We can now add DESTROY ALL SALES to the pantheon of FUNNYBOOKS’ huge Annual Sales.

DESTROY ALL SALES may be over, but expect some aftershocks this week as EPICFAIL is still standing and should be sticking around for a couple of weeks, offering everyone the chance to look through our many EPICFAIL Boxes of HALF-PRICE Graphic Novels. Check out our HALF-PRICE Selection during your trip to FUNNYBOOKS this week, and take another look next week as we plan to expand the already EPIC Selection!

It’s a NICE NOVEMBER NEW COMIC WEEK for sure, with BIG MARVELS and BIG IMAGE titles (and more DC LEGO covers). Let’s see what’s happening on the FUNNYBOOKS’ shelves this week, shall we?

01) Batman #36 (with Lego Variant)
02) Avengers and X-Men Axis #5 (of 9)
03-tie) Thor #2
03-tie) Walking Dead #134
03-tie) Wytches #2
06) Spider-Verse #1 (of 2)
07-tie) All-New Captain America #1
07-tie) Fade Out #3
07-tie) Outcast by Kirkman & Azaceta #5
10-tie) Superior Iron Man #1 (Axis)
10-tie) Hawkeye vs. Deadpool #2 (of 4)
12-tie) Silver Surfer #7
12-tie) New Suicide Squad #4

The Marvel Universe continues to evolve this week with New takes on classic characters and BIG-TIME issues including ALL-NEW CAPTAIN AMERICA #1, CAPTAIN AMERICA AND THE MIGHTY AVENGERS #1 (an AXIS tie-in), SUPERIOR IRON MAN #1, BUCKY BARNES WINTER SOLDIER #2, and THOR #2 (starring the female THOR!). Meanwhile AXIS continues to shake things-up even more with today’s AVENGERS X-MEN AXIS #5 (of 9), and the AXIS tie-ins NOVA #23 and AXIS: HOBGOBLIN #2 (of 3). Also, don’t forget to check out GUARDIANS 3000 #2 (featuring the Classic GUARDIANS cast), HAWKEYE vs. DEADPOOL #2 (of 4), and the FUNNYBOOK FAVORITE, SILVER SURFER #7.

Those nifty DC LEGO covers continue this week with FOUR cool New LEGO-cover options on the New BATGIRL #36 (also look for the new printing of the sold-out BATGIRL #35), JUSTICE LEAGUE UNITED #6, GREEN LANTERN CORPS #36, and BATMAN #36 (which has a sweet LEGO JOKER COVER). The New BATMAN issue (which also has a standard cover with SUPERMAN on it) continues Scott Snyder and Greg Capulo’s “END GAME” Storyline. Also from DC this week look for new issues of their three WEEKLY titles (BATMAN ETERNAL #32, FUTURES END #28, and EARTH 2 WORLDS END #6), the New SUICIDE SQUAD #4 ( have you heard about the SUICIDE SQUAD Movie?), ARROW SEASON 2.5 #2 (a tie-in to the popular TV series), and Vertigo’s KITCHEN #1.

This could be the BEST week of the year for Image Comics, as the THIRD Largest Comic Book publisher — known for their creator-owned titles and arsenal of top writers — claims an impressive TWO of the TOP FIVE — and FOUR of the TOP TEN — spots on the FUNNYBOOKS TOP TITLE List. Robert Kirkman delivers new issues of both WALKING DEAD (#134) and OUTCAST (#5), Ed Brubaker offers-up THE FADE-OUT #3, Mark Millar puts out MPH #4, and Scott Snyder delivers WYTCHES #2 (also look for a new Printing of Snyder’s WYCHES #1 today). Also from Image check out new issues of ALEX + ADA, COPPERHEAD and DEATH VIGIL, as well as the INVINCIBLE Vol. 20 Graphic Novel.

Trying to keep this short (considering the length of last week’s DESTROY ALL SALES E-Mail), so for the rest of the NEW THIS WEEK LIST, we invite you to check out

That’s all for now. Hope to see you at FUNNYBOOKS this week! Maybe even for Wednesday’s 12-HOUR NEW COMIC DAY (10am-10pm). – Funny Steve

Wednesdays: 10am-10pm
Thursdays: 11am-8pm
Fridays: 11am-9pm
Saturdays: 10am-7pm
Sundays: 12noon-5pm
Mondays: closed
Tuesdays: 11am-6pm

NEW THIS WEEK! November 12th, 2014

All-New Captain America #1
Avengers and X-Men Axis #5 (of 9)
Avengers Epic Collection “Earths Mightiest Heroes” GN
Axis Hobgoblin #2 (of 3)
Bucky Barnes Winter Soldier #2
Captain America and The Mighty Avengers #1 (Axis)
Captain Marvel #9
Death of Wolverine Logan Legacy #4 (of 7)
Guardians 3000 #2
Hawkeye vs. Deadpool #2 (of 4)
Iron Man 75th Anniversary Poster by Alex Ross
Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man #7
Nightcrawler #8
Nova #23 (Axis)
Original Sin “Thor and Loki The Tenth Realm” GN
Savage Hulk #6
She-Hulk #10
Silver Surfer #7
Spider-Verse #1 (of 2)
Superior Iron Man #1 (Axis)
Thor #2
Thor God of Thunder  Vol. 3 GN

Arrow Season 2.5 #2
Batgirl #35 (2nd print)
Batgirl #36 (with Lego Variant)
Batman #36 (with Lego Variant)
Batman Eternal #32
Batman Superman Vol. 2 HC
Batman Superman Vol. 1 GN
Coffin Hill #13
Constantine #19
DC Bombshells Supergirl Art Print
Earth 2 Worlds End #6
FBP Federal Bureau of Physics #15
Green Lantern Corps #36 (with Lego Variant) (Godhead)
Justice League United #6 (with Lego Variant)
Kitchen #1 (of 8)
Klarion #2
New 52 Futures End #28
New Suicide Squad #4
Smallville Season 11 Chaos #4
Worlds Finest #28

Alex + Ada #10
Copperhead #3
Death Vigil #5 (of 8)
Dream Police #5
Drifter #1
Fade Out #3
Ghosted #15
Invincible Vol.  20 GN
MPH #4 (of 5)Outcast by Kirkman & Azaceta  #5
Walking Dead #134
Wicked & Divine Vol. 1 GN
Wytches #1 (2nd print)
Wytches #2

Alter Ego #129
Archer & Armstrong One Percent #1
Back Issue #77
Bigger Bang #1
Brides of Helheim #2
Crossed Badlands #65
Damnation of Charlie Wormwood #2 (of 5)
Danger Girl Mayday GN
Dark Ages #4 (of 4)
Deep State #1
Draw #29
Evil Empire #7
Ex Con #3
Grendel vs. Shadow #3
Hero Comics 2014
Hexed #4
Holmes vs. Houdini #2 (of 5)
Life After #5
Lone Ranger Vindicated #1 (of 4)
Mercy Thompson #2 (of 6)
Mouse Guard Baldwin Brave Other Tales HC
October Faction #2
Red Sonja #13
Resurrectionists #1
Rush Clockwork Angels #6
Thomas Alsop #6 (of 8)
Tsubasa Omnibus Vol. 2
Unity #12
UQ Holder Vol. 3
V-Wars #7
Wilds End #3

Alice Cooper #3
Army of Darkness #1992.1 One Shot
Big Trouble In Little China #6
Borderlands Fall of Fyrestone #4
Django Zorro #1 (of 6)
Doctor Who Magazine #479
George Romero’s Empire of Dead Act Two #3 (of 5)
G.I. Joe A Real American Hero #208
Prometheus Fire and Stone #3Silent Hill Downpour Anne’s Story #3
Star Trek City on the Edge of Forever #5 (of 5)
Star Trek #38
Transformers #35 “Days of Deception”
X-Files Season 10 #18

Angry Birds Comics #6
Archie the Married Life Vol. 6 GN
Batman Adventures Vol. 1 GN
Bravest Warriors #26
Forever Smurfette GN
Fraggle Rock Journey Everspring #2 (of 4)
Howtoons Reignition #4
Marvel Universe Avengers Assemble Season Two #1
My Little Pony Friends Forever #11
Scooby Doo Where Are You? #51
Sonic the Hedgehog #266
Spongebob Comics #38
Super Secret Crisis War Codename Kids Next Store #1
TMNT New Animated Adventures #17
Uncle Grandpa #2



This IS the BIG ONE! DESTROY ALL SALES is our most ambitious STOREWIDE SALE of 2014! We’ve combined SIX of our most popular Annual Sales into One Giant Sales Explosion! Plus! We’ve created an All-New SEVENTH SALE just for DESTROY ALL SALES WEEKEND. We will be playing GODZILLA Movies (including DESTROY ALL MONSTERS — the movie that inspired the sale) and other Movies of Mass Destruction throughout the 30-HOUR Weekend Sales Explosion. Best of All, FUNNYBOOKS will offer 30-HOURS of DESTROY ALL SALES DEALS, including back-to-back 12-HOUR-LONG Shopping Days (Friday 11am-11pm! and Saturday 9am-9pm!) and a special 6-HOUR Sunday (11am-5pm)!

Here are the details on how to take advantage of the great deals that only FUNNYBOOKS and DESTROY ALL SALES can offer!


The sale that heralded last weekend’s time-change is back for an encore! HALF-OFF ALL BACK ISSUES in the store — It’s THAT simple! FUNNYBOOKS’ FALLBACK SALE Includes both bagged & boarded AND non-bagged & boarded Back Issues that can be found in the many short boxes which line the walls of FUNNYBOOKS (sorry, FUNNYBOOKS’ FALLBACK SALE does not include Variant Covers, Blank Covers or StoryPacks). If you are looking to score some HALF-PRICE BACK ISSUE Deals, or are maybe looking to fill some gaps. FALLBACK to FUNNYBOOKS for DESTROY ALL SALES!


In 2014, NEW YEARS STEVE surpassed FUNNYFEVER as the most popular FUNNYBOOKS’ Sale! NEW YEARS STEVE offers a whopping 25%-OFF ALL Volume 1 Graphic Novels, Hard Covers, Manga and other books ($10 and up) in the store! PLUS! When you buy a Volume ONE, you will receive a special voucher to come back anytime for a calendar year for Volume TWO of the series for 20%-OFF and ALL OTHER VOLUMES OF THE SERIES at 15%-OFF. If you’ve been thinking about reading a “Run” of Graphic Novels, But can’t afford to get them all at once NEW YEARS STEVE is the SALE for you!


FUNNYBOOKS’ Sickest Sale of the year is back for a November Weekend Relapse! Catch FUNNYFEVER and THE PRICE IS THE DISCOUNT! A $15 Book is 15%-OFF! A $25 Book is 25%-OFF! (etc.). Discounts start at 10%-OFF (for a $10 Graphic Novel) and top-off at 30%-OFF (for ALL BOOKS $30 OR MORE!). That means even our deluxe books (like our awesome art books and the WALKING DEAD COMPENDIUMS ar a WHOPPING 30%-OFF all weekend long!). Best of all, there’s no Math necessary with FUNNYFEVER thanks to our patented FUNNYFEVER FUNOMETERS (available at the counter). If you are just looking to pick up a couple of Graphic Novels, or are looking to go BIG, The diagnosis for you is FUNNYFEVER !


The ONLY way to get a 20% Discount on EVERYTHING you purchase at FUNNYBOOKS, ALL THE TIME (including your NEW COMICS! ). Like the LOVEBUCKS SONG says… “You give us $20, and we will give you $25 back” (in special HEART-THEMED FUNNYMONEY). We’ve printed-up a fresh batch of specially-designed LOVEBUCKS just for DESTROY ALL SALES WEEKEND #collectorsitem. What’s the catch you ask? You must wait ONE MONTH to use your LOVEBUCKS. After that, LOVEBUCKS can be used to purchase anything at FUNNYBOOKS (as long as it’s not already on sale). ALL LOVEBUCKS purchased during DESTROY ALL SALES can be used starting on Wednesday, December 10th — just in time for CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!


Hand selected GRAPHIC NOVELS that just would not sell at full price, but are a STEAL at the FUNNYBOOKS EPICFAIL Discount of HALF-PRICE! We’ve gone through all of our bookshelves and pulled-out Graphic Novels, Hardcovers and other books that we are willing to part with at HALF-PRICE (including some key books that we just have too many of). If you are into trying something new, or if you are looking to get the BIGGEST DESTROY ALL SALE DISCOUNT of all. Don’t FAIL to check-out our boxes of EPICFAILSALE books!


Climb the discount LADDER to Big Discounts on All of FUNNYBOOKS Graphic Novels and other books (including Manga). The LADDER starts when you purchase ANY TWO Graphic Novels — The first one is 10%-OFF and the second one is 20%-OFF. Continue up the Discount LADDER with a THIRD Graphic Novel for 30%-OFF, a FOURTH for 40%-OFF and a FIFTH for a WHOPPING 50%-OFF! (or stop wherever you want). Note: highest discounts on lowest priced items, so it’s best to keep your choices in the same price range. LADDERS are great when you are looking to pick-up entire “runs” of Graphic Novels, but for DESTROY ALL SALES, LADDERS are “mix and match” so all books in the store can be used to CLIMB THE LADDER!


We promised an All-New SEVENTH SALE and here it is! introducing MERCH MADNESS! MERCH MADNESS is designed to cover just about everything at FUNNYBOOKS that our other sales don’t! MERCH MADNESS offers a sweet BUY ONE GET ONE HALF-PRICE offer on ALL of FUNNYBOOKS MERCHandise $5 ad up “Mix and Match!” MERCH MADNESS includes EVERY Action Figure, ALL MiniMates, Heroclix, Mystery Boxes, Posters, Calendars, Bottle Openers, Pint Glasses, Trading Card Decks, Pop Vinyls, Statues, and Even COMIC BOOK SUPPLIES (Bags, Boards and Boxes!)! PLUS! We are also including Variant Covers (in boxes), ALL Blank Covers, and ALL ARCHIE DIgests in the First Ever MERCH MADNESS SALE (in all cases, the less expensive item is the Half-Off one). On top of all that… MERCH MADNESS also offers all MERCH under $5 (like all of our TRADING CARD PACKS — including MAGIC THE GATHERING) at BUY FOUR, GET ONE FREE (and we just got NEW POKEMON CARDS, GARBAGE PAIL KIDS and STUPID HEROES cards this week). If you can’t read (or just don’t feel like it right now) or if you just like your MERCH, MERCHMADNESS has you covered, BIG TIME!

Discounts can not be combined with eachother.

We’ve attached a spiffy graphic with all of the DESTROY ALL SALES Sale Logos.

That’s all for now! Hope to see you at FUNNYBOOKS for the Sale of Mass Destruction that is the first ever DESTROY ALL SALES! – Funny Steve




One of the things that separates FUNNYBOOKS from the other fine Comic Shops in our area is our fully-loaded arsenal of Huge Iconic Sales. THIS weekend we raise the stakes even higher and will take Comic Book Store Sales to an All-New Level as we introduce FUNNYBOOKS’ newest crazy sales idea, and this one is a SALE of MASS DESTRUCTION!


DESTROY ALL SALES will do something never before attempted within the walls of FUNNYBOOKS, as we will offer SIX of FUNNYBOOKS’ Biggest and Most Popular Sales,  ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!! That means NEW YEARS STEVE, FUNNYFEVER, LADDERS, FALLBACK, EPICFAIL, and YES… Even LOVEBUCKS, are all in play during our Ground-Breaking DESTROY ALL SALES 30-Hour Weekend Shopping Explosion. PLUS! as a Special BONUS… On top of the SIX FUNNYBOOKS’ SALES you may already be familiar with, we have created a secret SEVENTH SALE which will offer a great discount on a bunch of the “stuff” that our other sales don’t cover. To give everyone the opportunity to get over to FUNNYBOOKS and shop during the big blow-out sale, DESTROY ALL SALES will be a marathon 30-Hour Sales EVENT which begins on Friday Morning at 11am! DESTROY ALL SALES Will feature Rare FUNNYBOOKS’ Late-Night Friday shopping hours (until 11pm!) and back-to-back 12-Hour Shopping Days (Friday from 11am-11pm, and Saturday from 9am-9pm!). DESTROY ALL SALES will then spill over into a Special 6-HOUR SUNDAY (11am-5pm). To go along with the theme of the sale, FUNNYBOOKS will be playing GODZILLA Movies (including DESTROY ALL MONSTERS), and other Movies of Mass Destruction throughout the weekend. Details on the “Secret Seventh Sale” will be announced in a special Thursday Night / Friday Morning E-Mail (which will also include the details of the other FUNNYBOOKS Sales), so you can plan ahead for our most ambitious Sale of 2014 and the FIrst ever DESTROY ALL SALES WEEKEND! #GODZILLASOUNDS


After a month filled with Comic Cons, Toy Cons, Horror Cons and Halloween, we are very happy to bring the focus back to the incredible selection of exciting comic book stories hitting the FUNNYBOOKS’ shelves every week. To help kick-off the New Month of New Comics & Stuff, we are debuting Brand New “NEW THIS WEEK TAGS” this week. Let us know what you think during your trip to FUNNYBOOKS!


(01) Amazing Spider-Man #9

(02) Avengers and X-Men Axis #4 (of 9)

(03) Grayson #4  (with Lego variant)

(04) Superman Unchained #9

(05-tie) Spider-Verse Team-Up #1

(05-tie) Rocket Raccoon #5

(05-tie) Deadpool’s Art of War #2 (of 4)

(05-tie) Detective Comics #36  (with Lego variant)

(05-tie) Batman Eternal #31

(10-tie) Green Lantern #36  (with Lego variant)

(10-tie) Velvet #8

(12-tie) Action Comics #36 (with Lego variant)

(12-tie) New 52 Futures End #27

(14-tie) Legendary Star Lord #5

(14-tie) Gotham Academy #2

(16-tie) Earth 2 #28

(16-tie) Earth 2 Worlds End #5

(18-tie) Birthright #2

(18-tie) Death of Wolverine: Weapon X Program #1 (of 5)

(18-tie) Lobo #2

(18-tie) Walking Dead Vol. 22 GN “A New Beginning”


Marvel claims the TOP TWO SPOTS on the FUNNYBOOKS’ TOP TITLE LIST this week as the hugely anticipated SPIDERVERSE storyline begins FOR REAL in todays AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #9 (with “Young” and other variants), and AVENGERS VS. X-MEN AXIS #4 continues Marvel’s 9-issue “story-event.” For more SPIDERVERSE action, pick-up the New SPIDERVERSE TEAM-UP #1, and for more “Life after the Death of WOLVERINE” check-out the new DEATH OF WOLVERINE LIFE AFTER LOGAN and DEATH OF WOLVERINE WEAPON-X PROGRAM #1 (of 5). Also from the House of Ideas this week, check-out New Issues of ROCKET RACCOON, STARLORD, DEADPOOL ART OF WAR and more.


It’s the First New Comic Day of November, which means a new DC Variant Cover theme begins and this one is LEGOS (and they’re really cool)! DC LEGO Variants are cover price while supplies last and this week you can snag the first wave of LEGO Variants on the New issues of ACTION, DETECTIVE, GRAYSON and GREEN LANTERN. Also from DC this week make sure to pick-up the final issue of SUPERMAN UNCHAINED, by Scott Snyder and Jim Lee, and if you can’t get enough Scott Snyder, check-out the New WAKE Hard Cover, which collects Snyders complete 10-issue Eisner-nominated Vertigo series.


It’s a pretty BIG Image week led by the Newest must-have WALKING DEAD Graphic Novel (Volume 22 “A New Beginning”) and also featuring (among others) VELVET #8, REAL HEROES #4, BIRTHRIGHT #2, GOD HATES ASTRONAUTS #3, NAILBITER #7, IMPERIAL #4, CHEW #44 and SPREAD #4. Plus look for two new Image #1 issues (HUMANS #1, and Kurt Busiek’s TOOTH & CLAW #1) as well as the fourth and final issue of “Local Favorite” Adam McGovern’s NIGHTWORLD. More goodies hitting the FUNNYBOOKS’ shelves  this week are Valiant’s ETERNAL WARRIOR DAYS OF STEEL #1, Aspen’s ZOOHUNTERS #1, Boom’s WOODS #7 and DAY MEN #5, Dark Horse’s ALIENS vs. PREDATOR #2, and SERENITY “Leaves on the WInd” Hard Cover. And — if you’re a TITAN Fan — check-out ATTACK ON TITAN Vol. 14, TINY TITANS RETURN TO THE TREEHOUSE #6 (of 6) and Titan Comics’ DOCTOR WHO 10th DOCTOR #4 (see what I did there?).

I guess That’s All for Now! Hope 2 C U @ FUNNYBOOKS! – Funny Steve

For the complete NEW THIS WEEK List visit please scroll down…


Wednesday: 10am-10pm (12-HOUR NEW COMIC DAY!)

Thursday: 11am-8pm

Friday: 11am-11pm (12-HOUR DESTROY ALL SALES DAY ONE!)

Saturday: 9am-9pm (12-HOUR DESTROY ALL SALES DAY TWO!)


Monday: closed (we’ll need it!)

NEW THIS WEEK! November 5th, 2014

All-New X-Factor #16 (AXIS)
Amazing Spider-Man #9 (Spider-Verse!)
Avengers and X-Men Axis #4 (of 9)
Dark Tower Drawing of Three “Prisoners” #4 (of 5)
Deadpool vs. X-Force GN
Deadpool’s Art of War #2 (of 4)
Death of Wolverine: Life After Logan #1
Death of Wolverine: Weapon X Program #1 (of 5)
Elektra GN Vol. 1
Hulk #8
Legendary Star Lord #5
Men of Wrath by Jason Aaron (Icon)
Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 1 GN
Miracleman #13
Rocket Raccoon #5
Spider-Verse Team-Up #1 (of 3)
X-Men #21

Action Comics #36 (with Lego variant)
Aquaman and The Others #7
Batman Arkham Asylum 25th Anniversary Graphic Novel
Batman Eternal #31
Detective Comics #36  (with Lego variant)
Earth 2 #28
Earth 2 Worlds End #5
Fairest #31
Flash Season Zero #2
Gotham Academy #2
Grayson #4  (with Lego variant)
Green Arrow #36
Green Lantern #36  (with Lego variant)
Injustice Gods Among Us Year Three #3
Justice League 3000 #11
Lobo #2
Names #3 (of 8)
New 52 Futures End #27
Superman Unchained #9 (OF 9?)
Swamp Thing  #36
Wake HC

68 Homefront #3 (OF 4)
Artifacts #40
Birthright #2
Chew #44
Fuse #7
God Hates Astronauts #3
Humans #1
Imperial #4
Madame Frankenstein #7 (of 7)
Mercenary Sea #7
Nailbiter #7
Nightworld #4 (of 4)
Penny Dora & the Wishing Box #1
Punks the Comic #2
Real Heroes #4
Spread #4
Superannuated Man #4 (of 6)
Ten Grand #11
Tooth & CLaw #1
Velvet #8 

All You Need is Kill 2-in-1 Manga
Attack on Titan Vol 14
Blood Queen #6
Bloodshot #25
Chastity #5
Cloaks #3
Day Men #5
Day Men Vol. 1 GN
Death Defying Dr. Mirage #3
Eternal Warrior Days of Steel #1
Fairy Quest Outcasts #1
Fiction Squad #2
Ghost #9
Ghost Fleet #1
Jennifer Blood Born Again #4 (of 5)
John Carter Warlord #
Over Garden Wall Special #1
Sixth Gun #44
Solar Man of the Atom #6
Suicide Risk #19
Turok DInosaur Hunter #9
Usagi Yojimbo Senso #4 (of 6)
Woods #7
Zoohunters #1

Alien vs. Predator: Fire and Stone #2 (of 4)
Angel and Faith Season 10 #8
Doctor Who 10th #4
Game of Thrones #22
Robocop 2014 #5
Serenity Leaves on the Wind Hard Cover

Adventure Time OGN Vol. 1 “Bitter Sweets”
Amazing World of Gumball #4
Archie #661
Avatar the Last Airbender Vol. 9 (”Rift” Part 3)
Betty & Veronica #273
Garbage Pail Kids 2014 Series 2 Trading Cards
Garfield #31
Hello Kitty Work of Art
Lego Legends of Chima Vol. 3 GN “Chi Quest”
Pokemon Adventures Vol. 25 GN
Scooby Doo Team-Up #7
Stupid Heroes Series 1 Trading Cards
Tiny Titans Return to the Treehouse #6 (of 6)



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FUNNYBOOKS’ TOP TITLE this week is DC’s HARLEY QUINN ANNUAL #1, which is poly-bagged to conceal its special “Rub & Smell” — they can’t legally say “Scratch & Sniff” — contents. The HARLEY ANNUAL comes in TWO editions (Standard and International) with the difference being one of the secret (kind of “counter culture”) smells inside. Each of these TWO editions also have special BOMBSHELL Variants, so HARLEY collectors may want to bring a bigger wallet to FUNNYBOOKS this week (and don’t forget to use your 5th WEDNESDAY DISCOUNT). Besides HARLEY, DC also offers new issues of its THREE weekly titles (BATMAN ETERNAL #30, NEW 52 FUTURES END #26, and EARTH 2 WORLDS END #4), a couple of annuals (JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK and JUSTICE LEAGUE UNITED – featuring the LEGION OF SUPERHEROES!), and two issues with October “Monsters” Variant covers (SINESTRO #6 and WONDER WOMAN #35).


Marvel has a more “regular” week of New Comics, with more AXIS action as two New AXIS miniseries launch (AXIS: REVOLUTIONS and AXIS CARNAGE), More “DEATH OF WOLVERINE” Aftermath issues (including D.O.W. LOGAN LEGACY #3, and D.O.W. DEADPOOL & CAPTAIN AMERICA #1), And more Marvel COSMIC action (GUARDIANS #20, FANTASTIC FOUR #12, NOVA #22, INHUMAN #7, and THANOS A GOD UP THERE #4 (of 4). Also look for the MARVEL 75th ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL (which includes tons of goodies including a Bruce Timm adaptation of Stan Lee’s first ever CAPTAIN AMERICA story), and check out first issue of Marvel’s New DEATHLOK series, and the finale of the “PUNISHER vs. THE THUNDERBOLTS” storyline in the final issue of THUNDERBOLTS (#32).


It’s a nice IMAGE WEEK with new issues of fan-favorties like SAGA, BLACK SCIENCE, LOW, SOUTHERN BASTARDS, and WAYWARD, along with the new RASPUTIN #1. Dark Horse has the new MASSIVE #28 and the new GOON OCCASION OF REVENGE #3 (of 4). Avatar has the FUNNYBOOK FAVORITE, GARTH ENNIS WAR STORIES #2, as well as new issues of CROSSED, GOD IS DEAD, and UBER. There are some key small publisher titles like RACHEL RISING #29, LENORE II #11, ATOMIC ROBO KNIGHTS OF THE GOLDEN CIRCLE #5 (of 5) and Jeff “BONE” Smith’s TUKI SAVE THE HUMANS #2. There’s some cool pop-culture titles including DOCTOR WHO 11th DOCTOR #4, and DREDD UPRISE #1. And — on top of all that — it’s a Great All-Ages Week with new issues of BOB’S BURGERS, ADVENTURE TIME, and LITTLE NEMO IN SLUMBERLAND, as well as the debut of the new SONIC BOOM #1.

I could go on and on (obviously), but I think I’ve covered most of what I wanted to get to for this week’s 12-HOUR, FIFTH WEDNESDAY ,NEW COMIC DAY. For the complete NEW THIS WEEK LIST, please scroll downward. Hope 2 C U @ FUNNYBOOKS for FIFTH WEDNESDAY! – Funny Steve